Reading, Berkshire, England


Latitude: 51.4333, Longitude: -1


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benson, James William  12 Apr 1826Reading, Berkshire, England I10212
2 Benson, Joseph Heaton  21 Jan 1832Reading, Berkshire, England I10213
3 Eaton, Anne  Abt 1670Reading, Berkshire, England I7671
4 Harman, Amos  14 Nov 1848Reading, Berkshire, England I7392
5 Harman, Ann  1693Reading, Berkshire, England I7626
6 Harman, Ann  1744Reading, Berkshire, England I7595
7 Harman, Ann  30 Jul 1755Reading, Berkshire, England I7627
8 Harman, Ann  1770Reading, Berkshire, England I7492
9 Harman, Ann  25 Mar 1788Reading, Berkshire, England I7375
10 Harman, Anne  28 May 1820Reading, Berkshire, England I7432
11 Harman, Elizabeth  1707Reading, Berkshire, England I7491
12 Harman, Elizabeth  1734Reading, Berkshire, England I7631
13 Harman, Elizabeth  1767Reading, Berkshire, England I7498
14 Harman, Elizabeth  21 Dec 1806Reading, Berkshire, England I7418
15 Harman, George  17 May 1812Reading, Berkshire, England I7414
16 Harman, George  11 Jun 1838Reading, Berkshire, England I6531
17 Harman, Hannah  1712Reading, Berkshire, England I6439
18 Harman, James Alfred  16 Aug 1835Reading, Berkshire, England I7308
19 Harman, Jane  21 Jun 1796Reading, Berkshire, England I7380
20 Harman, Jasper  1700Reading, Berkshire, England I7624
21 Harman, John  1760Reading, Berkshire, England I7669
22 Harman, John  4 Jan 1818Reading, Berkshire, England I7366
23 Harman, John Thomas  5 Sep 1852Reading, Berkshire, England I7371
24 Harman, Joseph  1765Reading, Berkshire, England I7499
25 Harman, Joseph Charles I  7 Jul 1844Reading, Berkshire, England I7126
26 Harman, Louisa  7 May 1799Reading, Berkshire, England I7378
27 Harman, Mary  1749Reading, Berkshire, England I7635
28 Harman, Mary  24 Nov 1756Reading, Berkshire, England I7633
29 Harman, Mary Ann  21 Jan 1793Reading, Berkshire, England I7381
30 Harman, Ralph  1696Reading, Berkshire, England I7632
31 Harman, Ralph  1698Reading, Berkshire, England I7625
32 Harman, Samuel John I  Jul 1846Reading, Berkshire, England I7244
33 Harman, Sarah  1758Reading, Berkshire, England I7668
34 Harman, Sarah  1762Reading, Berkshire, England I7500
35 Harman, Sarah Jane  16 May 1841Reading, Berkshire, England I7042
36 Harman, Thomas  29 Oct 1739Reading, Berkshire, England I7377
37 Harman, Thomas  Jun 1810Reading, Berkshire, England I7453
38 Harman, Thomas Benson  11 Jun 1838Reading, Berkshire, England I7274
39 Harman, Thomas M  7 Mar 1785Reading, Berkshire, England I7383
40 Harman, William I  1668Reading, Berkshire, England I7670
41 Harman, William  1690Reading, Berkshire, England I7660
42 Harman, William  1702Reading, Berkshire, England I7622
43 Harman, William II  19 Sep 1710Reading, Berkshire, England I7634
44 Harman, William III  22 Jun 1742Reading, Berkshire, England I7628
45 Harman, William  29 Apr 1790Reading, Berkshire, England I7374
46 Harman, William  7 Nov 1813Reading, Berkshire, England I7405
47 Harman, William Benson  24 Dec 1830Reading, Berkshire, England I6398
48 Jones, James Price  Mar 1869Reading, Berkshire, England I33609
49 Mary  Reading, Berkshire, England I6438
50 Sainsbury, Alice E.  Abt 1868Reading, Berkshire, England I33602

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Elizabeth  8 Jan 1843Reading, Berkshire, England I7382
2 Benson, Amos  17 Oct 1840Reading, Berkshire, England I31744
3 Eaton, Anne  Mar 1732Reading, Berkshire, England I7671
4 Eversley, Jane  4 May 1752Reading, Berkshire, England I7636
5 Harman, Ann  Reading, Berkshire, England I7492
6 Harman, Ann  Reading, Berkshire, England I7627
7 Harman, Ann  15 May 1747Reading, Berkshire, England I7595
8 Harman, Elizabeth  Jan 1882Reading, Berkshire, England I7418
9 Harman, Hannah  Aug 1712Reading, Berkshire, England I6439
10 Harman, John  1760Reading, Berkshire, England I7669
11 Harman, Mary  13 Dec 1752Reading, Berkshire, England I7635
12 Harman, Thomas  15 Mar 1812Reading, Berkshire, England I7377
13 Harman, Thomas M  2 May 1842Reading, Berkshire, England I7383
14 Harman, William  Bef 1710Reading, Berkshire, England I7622
15 Harman, William I  16 Nov 1726Reading, Berkshire, England I7670
16 Harman, William  21 Oct 1741Reading, Berkshire, England I7630
17 Harman, William II  16 Jun 1782Reading, Berkshire, England I7634
18 Harman, William III  25 Feb 1790Reading, Berkshire, England I7628
19 Jones, James Price  8 Apr 1940Reading, Berkshire, England I33609
20 Mary  13 Sep 1774Reading, Berkshire, England I6438
21 Mitchell, Ann  10 May 1801Reading, Berkshire, England I7372
22 Tame, Eliza  Mar 1894Reading, Berkshire, England I32591
23 Tame, Susan Elizabeth  8 Sep 1960Reading, Berkshire, England I33608
24 Tame, Thomas  Jun 1924Reading, Berkshire, England I32592
25 Tame, William  Jul 1852Reading, Berkshire, England I7415


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cole, Mary  13 Sep 1774Reading, Berkshire, England I7494
2 de Normandie, Henry I  4 Jan 1136Reading, Berkshire, England I6534
3 Harman, Ann Elizabeth  5 Aug 1801Reading, Berkshire, England I7848
4 Harman, Hannah  21 Aug 1712Reading, Berkshire, England I6439
5 Harman, Henry  18 Feb 1796Reading, Berkshire, England I7851
6 Harman, Mary Ann  8 Apr 1794Reading, Berkshire, England I7853
7 Harman, Ralph  11 Apr 1696Reading, Berkshire, England I7632
8 Harman, Ralph  18 Sep 1698Reading, Berkshire, England I7625
9 Harman, Thomas  Reading, Berkshire, England I7377
10 Mary  15 Sep 1774Reading, Berkshire, England I6438
11 Mitchell, Ann  Reading, Berkshire, England I7372


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Harman, Ann  30 Jul 1755Reading, Berkshire, England I7627
2 Harman, Ann Elizabeth  23 Mar 1801Reading, Berkshire, England I7848
3 Harman, Caroline  13 Feb 1799Reading, Berkshire, England I7849
4 Harman, Charles  16 Oct 1793Reading, Berkshire, England I7852
5 Harman, George  22 Jul 1838Reading, Berkshire, England I6531
6 Harman, Henry  9 Jul 1795Reading, Berkshire, England I7851
7 Harman, Sarah Elizabeth  17 Jan 1797Reading, Berkshire, England I7850
8 Harman, Sarah Jane  16 May 1841Reading, Berkshire, England I7042
9 Harman, Thomas  15 Mar 1811Reading, Berkshire, England I7453
10 Harman, Thomas Benson  22 Jul 1838Reading, Berkshire, England I7274
11 Tame, Eliza  2 Jun 1813Reading, Berkshire, England I32591
12 Tame, Thomas William  4 Aug 1861Reading, Berkshire, England I33604


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tame, Eliza  1834Reading, Berkshire, England I32591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Elizabeth  1841Reading, Berkshire, England I7382
2 Benson, Kezia  1841Reading, Berkshire, England I6401
3 Fry, Ann Eliza  1871Reading, Berkshire, England I33603
4 Fry, Ann Eliza  1891Reading, Berkshire, England I33603
5 Harman, Elizabeth  1861Reading, Berkshire, England I7418
6 Harman, Elizabeth  1871Reading, Berkshire, England I7418
7 Harman, Elizabeth  1881Reading, Berkshire, England I7418
8 Harman, Elizabeth  1881Reading, Berkshire, England I7418
9 Harman, George  1841Reading, Berkshire, England I6531
10 Harman, George  1851Reading, Berkshire, England I7414
11 Harman, James Alfred  1841Reading, Berkshire, England I7308
12 Harman, John  1881Reading, Berkshire, England I7366
13 Harman, Sarah Jane  1841Reading, Berkshire, England I7042
14 Harman, Thomas  Reading, Berkshire, England I7453
15 Harman, Thomas  1841Reading, Berkshire, England I7453
16 Harman, Thomas Benson  1841Reading, Berkshire, England I7274
17 Harman, Thomas M  1841Reading, Berkshire, England I7383
18 Harman, William Benson  1841Reading, Berkshire, England I6398
19 Jones, James Price  1871Reading, Berkshire, England I33609
20 Jones, James Price  1881Reading, Berkshire, England I33609
21 Jones, James Price  1891Reading, Berkshire, England I33609
22 Jones, James Price  1901Reading, Berkshire, England I33609
23 Jones, James Price  2 Apr 1911Reading, Berkshire, England I33609
24 Sainsbury, Alice E.  1881Reading, Berkshire, England I33602
25 Sainsbury, Frederick W.  1881Reading, Berkshire, England I33601
26 Sainsbury, George  1861Reading, Berkshire, England I33599
27 Sainsbury, George  1881Reading, Berkshire, England I33599
28 Sainsbury, William E  1861Reading, Berkshire, England I33600
29 Tame, Eliza  1861Reading, Berkshire, England I32591
30 Tame, Eliza  1881Reading, Berkshire, England I32591
31 Tame, Eliza  1891Reading, Berkshire, England I32591
32 Tame, Emma  1871Reading, Berkshire, England I33607
33 Tame, Henry  1871Reading, Berkshire, England I33606
34 Tame, Henry  1891Reading, Berkshire, England I33606
35 Tame, James  1871Reading, Berkshire, England I33605
36 Tame, James  1891Reading, Berkshire, England I33605
37 Tame, James  2 Apr 1911Reading, Berkshire, England I33605
38 Tame, Mary Ann  1841Reading, Berkshire, England I33598
39 Tame, Susan Elizabeth  1881Reading, Berkshire, England I33608
40 Tame, Susan Elizabeth  1891Reading, Berkshire, England I33608
41 Tame, Susan Elizabeth  1901Reading, Berkshire, England I33608
42 Tame, Susan Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Reading, Berkshire, England I33608
43 Tame, Thomas  1871Reading, Berkshire, England I32592
44 Tame, Thomas  1891Reading, Berkshire, England I32592
45 Tame, Thomas  2 Apr 1911Reading, Berkshire, England I32592
46 Tame, Thomas William  1871Reading, Berkshire, England I33604
47 Tame, Thomas William  1891Reading, Berkshire, England I33604


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harman / Barnes  31 Jan 1806Reading, Berkshire, England F2732
2 Harman / Benson  5 Jul 1829Reading, Berkshire, England F2361
3 Harman / Cole  11 Nov 1765Reading, Berkshire, England F2776
4 Harman / Cooper  3 Oct 1831Reading, Berkshire, England F2748
5 Harman / Deacon  31 Oct 1754Reading, Berkshire, England F2818
6 Harman / Eversley  19 Feb 1733Reading, Berkshire, England F2817
7 Harman / Fulbrook  13 Oct 1785Reading, Berkshire, England F2611
8 Harman / Stanbrook  15 Mar 1802Reading, Berkshire, England F2730
9 Harman / Thomson  19 Jun 1842Reading, Berkshire, England F2726
10 Jones / Tame  1893Reading, Berkshire, England F11441
11 Tame / Fry  Oct 1858Reading, Berkshire, England F11440
12 Tame / Harman  4 Dec 1825Reading, Berkshire, England F2749