Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Latitude: 49.8833, Longitude: -97.1667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baxter, Christena Sommerville  14 Dec 1895Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I16956
2 Boswell, Emily Musgrave  14 Nov 1886Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4486
3 Boswell, Jessie Jazdowska  4 Oct 1883Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4497
4 Boswell, John Musgrave  21 Dec 1898Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4487
5 Brandt, Harry  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14290
6 Brokke, Joseph  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I34280
7 Brokke, Myrna  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I34279
8 Bruder, Melvin Wayne   I12416
9 Coombes, John Francis  23 Jan 1931Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I18137
10 Coombes, William Francis  12 Apr 1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I18136
11 Cowley, Dorothy Mary  13 Sep 1919Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17516
12 Cressall, Gary  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I34283
13 Cressall, Glen  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I34282
14 Cressall, Leslie  16 Apr 1959Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I30391
15 Crocker, Margaret Rose  26 Mar 1917Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13759
16 Dobson, Jean  14 Jan 1915Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17833
17 Dudeck, Devann  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I34285
18 Eburne, Muriel  8 Jan 1922Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14284
19 Fisher, Marlene Emily  22 Jan 1943Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12359
20 Fisher, Marvin Clarence  3 Aug 1941Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12358
21 Fisher, Ward Eugene  Jun 1933Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12420
22 Goldring, Frank Edmund  24 Apr 1912Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27721
23 Goldring, Marion Louise  21 Dec 1918Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27727
24 Goldring, Muriel Victoria  31 Dec 1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27725
25 Goldring, Sextus Kent  25 Aug 1913Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27723
26 Goldring, Wesley Vincent  25 Aug 1913Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27724
27 Graham, Gordon  28 May 1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I11017
28 Hicks, Grace Irma  4 May 1917Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I3443
29 Hicks, Herbert Stanley  28 Sep 1919Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I3447
30 Hicks, Lillian Irene  28 Sep 1919Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I3450
31 Holland, Frederick Sanford  26 Oct 1902Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4496
32 Holland, Hugh Boswell  14 Jul 1897Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4494
33 Hymers, Gordon Stanley  19 Jul 1917Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17515
34 Hymers, Joyce Eva  12 Dec 1918Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17519
35 Johnson, Kathleen Victoria  23 Jan 1922Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17025
36 Johnston, Frances Elizabeth  8 Jul 1923Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17672
37 Keeler, Richard Don  26 Dec 1944Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13170
38 King, Ellen Maria  7 Sep 1877Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I32459
39 McDonald, Bryan Lloyd  3 Oct 1934Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14186
40 McGillivray, Edward  15 Apr 1903Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17835
41 Monson, John William   I17041
42 Piggott, Barbara June  23 Feb 1929Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I26908
43 Scott, Laura  1882Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I34117
44 Sharpe, Margaret Louise  6 Mar 1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I18627
45 Slingerland, Alfred Henry  1885Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14406
46 Smith, Phyllis Ruth  21 Jan 1923Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17523
47 Spilchuk, Eugenie  12 Sep 1922Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13169
48 Swain, Marguerite Lillian  25 Mar 1915Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14294
49 Sylvester, Adelaide Ellen  8 Jun 1907Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I32463
50 Sylvester, Violet Edith  18 Jul 1904Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I32461

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Adeline Clara  17 Jan 2011Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27722
2 Brokke, Johannes  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27726
3 Cressall, Leslie  16 Jan 2006Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I30391
4 Forfar, Hubert Roy  2 May 1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I5387
5 Glendinning, Isabella Watson  16 Oct 1912Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I9729
6 Goldring, Frank Edmund  15 Nov 1970Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27721
7 Goldring, Frank Herbert  7 Jun 1940Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I19859
8 Goldring, Marion Louise  21 Feb 1998Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27727
9 Goldring, Muriel Victoria  20 Jul 2008Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27725
10 Goldring, Sextus Kent  27 Jun 1925Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27723
11 Goldring, Wesley Vincent  17 Jun 1925Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27724
12 Gould, Howard Archibald  5 Sep 1982Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14484
13 Keeler, Richard Don  30 Apr 1991Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13170
14 Keeler, Russell Bruce  29 Jan 2005Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13162
15 Kent, Carlotta Frederica  13 Dec 1927Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27672
16 King, Ellen Maria  28 Jul 1947Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I32459
17 Lasher, Alfred  Abt 1868Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4461
18 Lasher, Emilie Maria  30 Apr 1925Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4482
19 MacDuff, Verna Olive  1 Sep 1949Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13453
20 McDonald, Bryan Lloyd  8 Oct 1934Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14186
21 McDonald, Minnie  28 Oct 1942Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14282
22 McLeod, Carrie Elizabeth  29 Mar 1934Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14405
23 McRae, Mildred Grace  11 Nov 2014Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I5434
24 Scarlett, Samuel  17 Dec 1880Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I32289
25 Scott, Laura  16 Nov 1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I34117
26 Slingerland, Alfred Henry  12 Jun 1949Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14406
27 Spilchuk, Eugenie  6 Jul 2008Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13169
28 Sylvester, Andrew  27 Aug 1934Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I475
29 Sylvester, Fred James Samuel  30 Jul 1993Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I32464
30 Sylvester, Richard Thomson  2 May 1888Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I448


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Adeline Clara  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27722
2 Boswell, Charles Musgrave  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4483
3 Coles, Charles Sampson  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12753
4 Forfar, Hubert Roy  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I5387
5 Goldring, Frank Edmund  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27721
6 Goldring, Marion Louise  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27727
7 Gould, Howard Archibald  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14484
8 King, Ellen Maria  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I32459
9 Lasher, Emilie Maria  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4482
10 MacDuff, Verna Olive  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13453
11 McDonald, Minnie  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14282
12 Slingerland, Alfred Henry  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14406
13 York, George Everett  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14281


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID 
1 Goldring, Muriel Victoria  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27725


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Knapp, Evelyn May  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I11291


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Argue, James Buchanan  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17829
2 Boswell, Charles Musgrave  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4483
3 Boswell, Clarence Montague  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4489
4 Boswell, Emily Musgrave  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4486
5 Boswell, Jessie Jazdowska  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4497
6 Boswell, John Musgrave  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4487
7 Coles, Charles Floyd  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12754
8 Coles, John Benjamin  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12760
9 Coles, Lorna Jean  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12758
10 Coles, Marguerite Helen  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12756
11 Coles, William Hazen  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12759
12 Fisher, Hazel Elizabeth  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12369
13 Holder, Helen Beatrice  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12727
14 Hymers, Alan Francis  1950Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17522
15 Hymers, Gordon Stanley  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17515
16 Hymers, Norman Stanley  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17513
17 Keeler, Russell Bruce  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13162
18 Keeler, Russell Bruce  1963Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13162
19 Keeler, Russell Bruce  1965Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13162
20 Keeler, Russell Bruce  2001Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13162
21 King, Ellen Maria  18 Jul 1904Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I32459
22 Knapp, Evelyn May  1943Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I11291
23 Knapp, Irwin  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I10763
24 Lasher, Emilie Maria  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4482
25 Lindsay, Dorothy Marguerite  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14182
26 McClocklin, Ross Edward  1954Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I18146
27 McLeod, Carrie Elizabeth  1 Jun 1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14405
28 Randall, Melvina  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I10765
29 Raymes, Daniel Fancis  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13145
30 Scarlett, Samuel  1880Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I32289
31 Slingerland, Alfred Henry  1 Jun 1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14406
32 Whitfield, Ethel Ruth  1954Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17187
33 York, George Everett  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14281
34 York, Gertrude  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14289
35 York, Gordon  1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14287


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clendening / Jenkins  Oct 1946Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F5987
2 Cronk / Olafson  3 Jan 1931Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F5089
3 Fisher / Johnson  6 Oct 1940Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F4383
4 Fisher / Scarrow  6 Oct 1940Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F4417
5 Goldring / Kent  8 Nov 1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F6883
6 Gray / Boswell  15 May 1915Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F1596
7 Holland / Boswell  12 Dec 1907Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F1597
8 Holland / Loucks  25 Jun 1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F1598
9 Pratt / Goldring  30 Aug 1947Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F9600
10 Slingerland / McLeod  4 Apr 1917Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F5128
11 Slingerland / Scott  30 Nov 1905Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F11594
12 Sylvester / King  27 Oct 1903Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F11074