Chichester, Sussex, England


Latitude: 50.8362, Longitude: -0.7754


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Goldring, Joseph  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I30257
2 Goldring, Maud  1870Chichester, Sussex, England I30229
3 Goldring, Thomas  Abt 1854Chichester, Sussex, England I30258
4 Pollington, Alfred Thomas  Aug 1837Chichester, Sussex, England I32125
5 Pollington, Priscilla Elizabeth  Oct 1843Chichester, Sussex, England I32138
6 Pollington, Robert  1846Chichester, Sussex, England I32139
7 Shrubb, Adelaide  Mar 1854Chichester, Sussex, England I30387


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Goldring, Ernest Alfred  Mar 1941Chichester, Sussex, England I30204
2 Hessington, Hannah  1862Chichester, Sussex, England I10296
3 Pile, Caroline Mary  Jun 1949Chichester, Sussex, England I30211
4 Pollington, Henry  Oct 1877Chichester, Sussex, England I32137
5 Wright, Ann  Jan 1880Chichester, Sussex, England I32136


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 de Beaumont, Eleanor  Chichester, Sussex, England I33057
2 FitzAlan de Arundel, Richard  Chichester, Sussex, England I33058
3 Wright, Ann  22 Jan 1880Chichester, Sussex, England I32136


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Pollington, Alfred Thomas  7 Aug 1837Chichester, Sussex, England I32125
2 Pollington, Priscilla Elizabeth  16 Feb 1844Chichester, Sussex, England I32138
3 Pollington, Robert  22 Oct 1845Chichester, Sussex, England I32139


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Amy  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I30252
2 Goldring, Harriott  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I10298
3 Goldring, Harriott  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I10298
4 Goldring, Joseph I  1774Chichester, Sussex, England I28266
5 Goldring, Joseph  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I30257
6 Goldring, Mary  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I29465
7 Goldring, Reuben  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I30259
8 Goldring, Thurza  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I29601
9 Goldring, William II  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I30260
10 Isaac, Caroline  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I29041
11 Isaac, Caroline  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I29041
12 Isaac, Joseph  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I29040
13 Isaac, Joseph  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I29040
14 Isaac, Mary  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I29042
15 Isaac, Thomas A  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I29043
16 Pollington, Alfred Thomas  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32125
17 Pollington, Henry  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32137
18 Pollington, Henry  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32137
19 Pollington, Henry  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32137
20 Pollington, Henry  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I32137
21 Pollington, Henry  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I32137
22 Pollington, Priscilla Elizabeth  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32138
23 Pollington, Priscilla Elizabeth  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32138
24 Pollington, Priscilla Elizabeth  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I32138
25 Pollington, Priscilla Elizabeth  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I32138
26 Pollington, Robert  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32139
27 Pollington, Robert  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I32139
28 Wright, Ann  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32136
29 Wright, Ann  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32136
30 Wright, Ann  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32136
31 Wright, Ann  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I32136
32 Wright, Ann  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I32136
33 Wright, Ann  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I32136


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hardwick / Goldring  Between Apr and Jun 1886Chichester, Sussex, England F10228
2 Pollington / Wright  24 Nov 1822Chichester, Sussex, England F10959
3 Windebank / Goldring  Between Jul and Sep 1861Chichester, Sussex, England F10155