Hastings, Ontario, Canada


Latitude: 44.3093, Longitude: -77.9566


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, George Albert Roy  18 Apr 1898Hastings, Ontario, Canada I18652
2 Allen, Myrtle  Abt 1902Hastings, Ontario, Canada I33532
3 Allen, Nita May  28 Jul 1914Hastings, Ontario, Canada I18663
4 Barnum, Mary Matilda  8 Feb 1834Hastings, Ontario, Canada I3170
5 Hinch, Bernard  16 Oct 1877Hastings, Ontario, Canada I1852
6 Laird, Billings  1815Hastings, Ontario, Canada I3603
7 Laughlen, Jennie  1 Aug 1896Hastings, Ontario, Canada I17170
8 Laughlen, Rachel Pamelive  Bef 20 Oct 1855Hastings, Ontario, Canada I318
9 Mountenay, Anita  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7917
10 Mountenay, Donald  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7918
11 Mountenay, Edward  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7908
12 Mountenay, Gracy Bell  28 Sep 1902Hastings, Ontario, Canada I1748
13 Mountenay, Harry  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7912
14 Mountenay, Lewis  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7909
15 Mountenay, Loena  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7916
16 Mountenay, Marjorie  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7915
17 Mountenay, Overton  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7910
18 Mountenay, Ray  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7914
19 Mountenay, Robert  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7911
20 Mountenay, Thomas III  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I7907
21 See, James Melville  31 Aug 1903Hastings, Ontario, Canada I29070
22 Shaw, James Hantford  28 Apr 1906Hastings, Ontario, Canada I33757
23 Smith, Ruby May  28 May 1905Hastings, Ontario, Canada I18739
24 Wood, Clarabel Sophia  Abt 1902Hastings, Ontario, Canada I2749
25 Wood, Gertrude Helena  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I2747
26 Wood, William Herbert  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I2751


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abrams, Emma Esther  15 Aug 1903Hastings, Ontario, Canada I32529
2 Allen, Richard Albert  1955Hastings, Ontario, Canada I17658
3 Davy, William Dorland  6 Jan 1920Hastings, Ontario, Canada I2533
4 Freeman, Ester Jane  7 Nov 1927Hastings, Ontario, Canada I2738
5 Harmer, Oscar William John  2000Hastings, Ontario, Canada I17183
6 Laughlen, Rachel Pamelive  30 Oct 1855Hastings, Ontario, Canada I318
7 Laughlen, Sarah Caroline  1961Hastings, Ontario, Canada I320
8 McLaughlin, Thomas Wilson  27 Sep 1932Hastings, Ontario, Canada I243
9 Mountenay, David  9 Jul 1901Hastings, Ontario, Canada I1740
10 Sagriff, Mary Eleanor  26 Mar 1934Hastings, Ontario, Canada I32477
11 Shaw, James Hantford  10 Jun 1910Hastings, Ontario, Canada I33757
12 Vaness, Margaret  1851Hastings, Ontario, Canada I2011
13 Whitfield, Margaret Keitha  2010Hastings, Ontario, Canada I17177
14 York, Elizabeth  1920Hastings, Ontario, Canada I13310
15 York, Richard  1958Hastings, Ontario, Canada I14244


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Allen, George Albert Roy  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I18652
2 Allen, Richard Albert  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I17658
3 Laughlen, Sarah Caroline  Hastings, Ontario, Canada I320


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hicks, Howard Dewight  28 Sep 1896Hastings, Ontario, Canada I34525


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Edgerton, Elizabeth  1901Hastings, Ontario, Canada I257


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Davy, Eliza Ann  1861Hastings, Ontario, Canada I4291
2 Davy, Eliza Ann  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I4291
3 Davy, Hannah Louisa  1852Hastings, Ontario, Canada I33339
4 Davy, Hannah Mariah  1852Hastings, Ontario, Canada I33338
5 Davy, Isaac  1852Hastings, Ontario, Canada I33336
6 Davy, Peter  1852Hastings, Ontario, Canada I2344
7 Davy, Sheldon  1852Hastings, Ontario, Canada I33337
8 Davy, Sidney  1852Hastings, Ontario, Canada I2196
9 Davy, Wesley Ferguson  1852Hastings, Ontario, Canada I3169
10 Edgerton, Elizabeth  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I257
11 Laughlen, Anna Cecelia  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I316
12 Laughlen, David Thompson  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I254
13 Laughlen, Elizabeth  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I315
14 Laughlen, Emma Jane  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I246
15 Laughlen, George  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I57
16 Laughlen, Sarah Caroline  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I320
17 Laughlen, William Ferguson  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I317
18 McCumber, Olive Elizabeth  1891Hastings, Ontario, Canada I14640
19 McLaughlin, Thomas Wilson  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I243
20 Merritt, Frank Douglas Stafford  1911Hastings, Ontario, Canada I3668
21 Morton, Eliza  1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada I17137
22 Mountenay, David  1861Hastings, Ontario, Canada I1740
23 See, George Wilson  1891Hastings, Ontario, Canada I14647
24 See, James  1891Hastings, Ontario, Canada I14641
25 See, James Norville  1891Hastings, Ontario, Canada I14643
26 See, Joseph Miles  1891Hastings, Ontario, Canada I14646
27 See, Lillie May  1891Hastings, Ontario, Canada I14651
28 Simmons, Luella Beatrice  1911Hastings, Ontario, Canada I13594
29 Whitfield, Herbert  1911Hastings, Ontario, Canada I17171
30 Whytock, Carl James  1911Hastings, Ontario, Canada I18646


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davy / Ballard  28 Nov 1906Hastings, Ontario, Canada F994
2 Davy / Ballard  1 Jan 1908Hastings, Ontario, Canada F11507
3 Davy / Redden  20 Oct 1851Hastings, Ontario, Canada F819
4 Laird / Kimmerly  21 Jan 1922Hastings, Ontario, Canada F1340
5 Laughlen / Edgerton  1853Hastings, Ontario, Canada F49
6 LeCronier / Perry  13 Sep 1876Hastings, Ontario, Canada F1561
7 McLaughlin / Wood  28 Dec 1881Hastings, Ontario, Canada F165
8 Melburn /   5 Nov 1884Hastings, Ontario, Canada F5377
9 Prindle / Shaw  28 Dec 1921Hastings, Ontario, Canada F5073
10 See / Lindsay  27 Sep 1902Hastings, Ontario, Canada F5224
11 Whitfield / Laughlen  3 Jan 1918Hastings, Ontario, Canada F6022
12 Wood / Davy  23 Dec 1891Hastings, Ontario, Canada F1037