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Lathrop, Lois Cutler Grave Stone

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Oakwood Cemetery, Audubon, Becker, Minnesota, USA

Notes: Oakwood Cemetery came into existence upon the death of Lois Lathrop Cutler in 1878. Her son-in-law, Buckley Burnham Anderson, owned and farmed the land with his wife, Sally Marie Cutler Anderson, she being the fourth child of Alpheus and Lois Cutler. Upon the passing of "Mother" Lois, Buckley set aside a plot of ground for family burials. Use of the Felker Cemetery name became commonplace some years later when a family by that name, now owners of the land once owned by Buckley and Sally Anderson, buried a number of their family members in the Oakwood Cemetery. Thirteen graves remain clearly marked. There is, however, evidence of other burials within the fenced boundaries of the graveyard, i.e., suspected sunken plots and grave mounds. No grave markers or evidence of previous markers exist for these suspected burials. Becker County records do substantiate the thirteen known graves.

Oakwood Cemetery

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1Lathrop, Lois Cutler Grave Stone Lathrop, Lois Cutler Grave Stone

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