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51 145 Emerald Street South Martin, Herbert Alfred (I29095)
52 147 St Leonard's Avenue Kinkead, Sadie Elenor (I27884)
53 15 Crescent Wood Road Hanna, Henry Alexander (I7240)
54 16 Bolivar Road Clement, Elizabeth (I2200)
55 1750 Dufferin Street Goldring, Edith Olive Alice (I10281)
56 1750 Dufferin Street Goldring, Bertha Gertrude (I27661)
57 1750 Dufferin Street Goldring, Reverend Norman Chancey Sevan (I27662)
58 175a Cambridge Avenue Goldring, Ida Gertrude (I19864)
59 18 Park Avenue. Trivett, Peter (I7719)
60 1801 March 22 Thomas HORNOR (Horner?), Blenheim, to Olive BAKER, Burford. Wit: Samuel Baker, Henry Bostwick, David Parmer, Mary Graham, Thomas Watson, Eunice Martin, Vashly Paroner, James Smiley.

In those days, magistrates often undertook one of the most pleasant duties of ministers of religion, in solemnizing marriage. Many stories are told of Mr. Horner's genial good humour when called in to act as High Priest of Hymen. The first marriage solemnized by him was that of James Smiley and Eunice Martin, in 1801. Mrs. Smiley lived to the venerable age of ninety-two, having died at her home in Brantford, in August 1875. This township seems exceptionally favourable to longevity. 
Martin, Eunice (I6458)
61 1802, March 28, Mary, first child of John Purchase of Kirby Moorside, son of Thomas Purchase of Coker in Somerset, by mother descent Ann, his Wife, daughter of Thomas Robson of Sunderland Durham, born March 27, baptized Kirby Moorside. The above Mary buried April 7. "

Hi Sandi, Another deep philosophical quandary. What a fertile mind that you have. This calls for another outrageous opinion from your humble servant in Saginaw.

But first, congrats on finding the marriage of Ann Purchase and Ralph Stephenson in Beverley, Yorkshire, East Riding. That's where Henry Purchase and Elizabeth Hardy were married also. In the same year. Henry and Elizabeth eventually moved to Canada, but Ann and Ralph stayed in Beverley.

Ann and Ralph had one daughter, Sarah Ann, who was born in Tickton, Yorkshire. Sarah married William Beck Arnott in Beverley, in early 1868, and their last daughter was Edith Harriet Arnott, born in 1880, who published the 1924 Purchase scroll. I think that the primary source for the information for the scroll was Sarah, and that upon her death in 1922, Edith finished the work that her mother began.

Sarah's mother was Ann Purchase, and there are exact dates for her birth and death. Same thing for Sarah's Father. Sarah would more likely know those dates than Edith. Ann Purchase, Sarah, and Edith all lived in Beverley most of their lives. How big is Beverley? Couldn't have been very large in the second half of the 19th century. I imagine they spent time together, and exchanged news about their families. Ann's Husband, Ralph died early in life, and Ann would have had plenty of time on her hands. And Edith was still unmarried in 1924, so she had no Husband or children to occupy her.

Ann must have kept in touch with her siblings in North America, and helped Sarah keep up the family tree. Ann would have received news when her Father died. Note that the scroll gives not only the year, 1849, but also the location. At Todmorden, near Toronto. Not Canada, or Upper Canada, or Ontario, or England. So I believe that John Purchase did indeed emigrate to Canada, and die there.

As far as the emigration date, it is consistent with the dates that are attributable to his children. It could be off a year or two. There are a number of John Purchase's grandchildren that were born in North America in the second half of the 1830's:
James White, born 1835 in Ontario.
Hester White, born 1836.
Rebecca Hockney, born 1838.
Mary Jane Spafford, born 1838 in Michigan, USA.

What is curiously missing are dates about Ann Robson. One explanation might be that Sarah did not start the family tree until after her children were all born, in 1881, and that Ann Purchase and Sarah just did not know or remember.

Yeah, I think that John Purchase and Ann Robson left not only daughter Ann behind in England, but also sons John (born 1807) and Henry (born 1813). And maybe son William (born 1816), who said he emigrated in the spring of 1834, two years after his parents supposedly emigrated.

The above is humbly submitted as my take on the Purchase saga. Regards, Charlie. 
Purchase, John I (I6456)
62 1805 Mr. Pocock became Scarborough¹s first Teacher, operating from the home of James Elliot Elliott, James (I5118)
63 1851 Census (the family was still in Ernestown in 1851 and didn't come to Sheffield to about 1857) Lott, William Abraham (I13764)
64 1866 Combe Street, Died in childbirth Powell, Sarah Ann (I31626)
65 19 Edith Avenue Laughlen, Lucy Marie (I310)
66 1900 census says that she had 3 children, all living. Missing one child. Cumming, Margaret (I29270)
67 1900 Census states he was born in Canada Orton, Joseph (I4743)
68 1900 Census states she has had 2 or 3 children with only 1 living. English, Ida (I4742)
69 1900 March, Sailed to New York
1900 June, Visiting his Aunt, Frances Mcbrearty (Mossop), in Philadelphia
1913 Went to North Dakota
1920 Sept Sailed from Belize to New Orleans
1922 June Sailed from Lagos, Africa to Liverpool
1925 Feb sailed from Haiti to New York
1925 Sept sailed from Chile through the Panama Canal to Liverpool
1926 Sailed from Panama to New York
1928 took the Ferry to Victoria. Lists his destination as Missionary in Lytton 
Cowan, John Joseph (I31937)
70 1901 Census states that she was born in 1859 Clark, Julia Eliza (I178)
71 1901 Census states that she was born in Ontario, Canada. Dr. Edgerton Ross Laughlin's research states Gilford, Down, Ireland. She is related to the McKnight's of this history, 2nd cousin to Oakel McKnight. McKnight, Elizabeth (I13907)
72 1901 states that she was born in Ontario, Canada. E. Ross Laughlin's research says Ireland. Marlin, Sarah (I13497)
73 1930 census enumerated by Elva E. Hanson Purchase Hanson, Elva E. (I8501)
74 1st Baron Chandos (9 March 1492 - 12 April 1557 ) was an English Member of Parliament and later peer. His name is also sometimes spelt Brugge or Bruges. Brydges was born at Coberley, Gloucestershire, the son of Sir Giles Brydges (c.1462-1511) of Coberley, by his Wife Isabel Baynham. He was a prominent figure at the English court during the reigns of Kings Henry VIII and Edward VI and of Queen Mary. Brydges was High Sheriff of Wiltshire for 1537, and took part in suppressing the rebellion of Sir Thomas Wyatt in 1554. As Lieutenant of the Tower of London during the earlier part of Queen Mary's reign, he had the custody not only of Lady Jane Grey and of Wyatt, but for a short time of the Queen's half-sister the Lady Elizabeth.
He was created Baron Chandos of Sudeley on 8 April 1554 (one of his ancestors, Alice, being a granddaughter of Sir Thomas Chandos (d. 1375)).
It was around 1512 when Brydges married Elizabeth Grey, daughter of Edmund Grey, 9th Baron Grey de Wilton (died 1511), and Florence Hastings, eldest daughter of Sir Ralph Hastings. They had eleven children. Their son Edmund succeeded to the Chandos barony on his Father's death. Their son Charles married Jane, daughter of Sir Edward Carne. Their daughter Katherine married Edward Sutton, 4th Baron Dudley.
He died at Sudeley Castle 12 April 1557, and was buried with heraldic ceremony on 3 May in Sudeley Church. His will, dated 2 March 1556, was proved 28 May 1557. In his will, he styles himself as Sir John Bruges, Knight, Lord Chandos of Sudeley 
de Brugge, Lord Chandos van Sudeley John (I6174)
75 1st cousin of Freeman Cronk. Cronk, Coleman Woodman (I14292)
76 2 granddaughter are living with her on the 1930 along with Gerald, Betty and Norma: who are they? Gerald is marked as single. Mann, Edith Lavina (I7551)
77 2 Valentine Place Barrow, Sarah Ann Read (I7874)
78 22 Chatham Street Buck, Morley Puncheon (I16955)
79 22 Newman Avenue Sanderson, John (I122)
80 22nd of Henry ll Swillington, Sir John (I9155)
81 247 19th Avenue NW Hunter, Howard Alvin (I27542)
82 25 Junction Street Burgess, John James (I123)
83 25 Offord Road Benson, William (I7919)
84 252 Markahm Street Mahr, Adolph (I17489)
85 26 Basingstoke Road Tame, Susan Elizabeth (I33608)
86 26 Basingstoke Road Jones, James Price (I33609)
87 26 Madeline Street Laughlin, John David (I17201)
88 26 Pepper Street Benson, Phoebe (I10210)
89 26144
Goldring, Jessie Violet (I27706)
90 265 Earl Street. Died from marasmus (severe malnutrition). Veley, Margarite Hilda (I34417)
91 27 Jamaica Street Laidlaw, William (I33173)
92 272 Franciscan Road Kirby, George Thomas (I33535)
93 288 Franciscan Road Harman, Ellen Elizabeth (I7236)
94 288 Franciscan Road Robinson, George Benjamin (I7739)
95 29 Chatham Place Benson, Joseph Heaton (I10213)
96 29 String Street March, Arthur Flower (I31352)
97 29 Walnut Tree Place Harman, Ebenezer Albert (I7307)
98 2nd Concession Laughlin, Egbert Carmen (I17162)
99 2nd cousin to Elizabeth Hillier Hillier, Truman Potter (I18317)
100 2nd daughter and co-heir of Alphonsus Gospatrick, Lord of Calverly, Pudsey and several manors. Gospatrick, Larderina (I9160)

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