Yorkshire, England


Latitude: 54.0023, Longitude: -1.1022


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Acum, Sydney  27 Oct 1917Yorkshire, England I34696
2 Amyas, Percyvall  1430Yorkshire, England I9121
3 Appleby, Annie Alleen  20 Dec 1907Yorkshire, England I1758
4 Arnott, Hugh  1919Yorkshire, England I7002
5 Arnott, Margaret  1916Yorkshire, England I33104
6 Arnott, Roger  1921Yorkshire, England I7003
7 Bigod, Joanna  Yorkshire, England I9140
8 Calverley, William II  Yorkshire, England I9124
9 Calverly, Richard  Yorkshire, England I9134
10 Drakes, Alexander  1427Yorkshire, England I31657
11 Eversley, Jane  1712Yorkshire, England I7636
12 Giles, William  Bef 8 Jun 1834Yorkshire, England I32479
13 Greenwood, John William  31 Jul 1911Yorkshire, England I15283
14 Harrison, Herbert  1886Yorkshire, England I34638
15 Horsefield, William  1790Yorkshire, England I34678
16 Le Scot, Roger  Yorkshire, England I9152
17 Martha  1799Yorkshire, England I34680
18 Purchase, George  1824Yorkshire, England I6500
19 Purchase, Jane  1809Yorkshire, England I6494
20 Purchase, John II  1807Yorkshire, England I6492
21 Purchase, Miriam  27 Sep 1821Yorkshire, England I26322
22 Purchase, Thomas  1808Yorkshire, England I6485
23 Purchase, William Robson  12 May 1816Yorkshire, England I6497
24 Sturdy, George W.  16 Aug 1864Yorkshire, England I6912
25 Wortley, Joan  1447Yorkshire, England I32059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amyas, Percyvall  1486Yorkshire, England I9121
2 Arnott, William I  17 Jan 1910Yorkshire, England I6730
3 Bigod, Joanna  Yorkshire, England I9140
4 Calverley, Walter II  Yorkshire, England I9138
5 Calverley, Walter III  1466Yorkshire, England I9135
6 Calverly, Richard  Yorkshire, England I9134
7 Davenport, Margaret  1573Yorkshire, England I31770
8 Horsefield, William  1841Yorkshire, England I34678
9 Le Scot, Walter  Yorkshire, England I9153
10 Markinfeld, Elizabeth  Yorkshire, England I9136
11 Parkin, Elizabeth  Jul 1840Yorkshire, England I34683
12 Purchase, Ann  21 Dec 1905Yorkshire, England I6496
13 Sellers, Harold  1958Yorkshire, England I34644
14 Stephenson, Sarah Ann  21 Feb 1922Yorkshire, England I6561
15 Tempest, Agnes  Yorkshire, England I9130
16 Winn, Eliza  Apr 1896Yorkshire, England I34671
17 Winn, Thomas  Apr 1866Yorkshire, England I34660
18 Wortley, Jane  1511Yorkshire, England I31658


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barehead, Ann  1851Yorkshire, England I34651
2 Dinsdale, Betsey  1891Yorkshire, England I34635
3 Dinsdale, John  1851Yorkshire, England I34650
4 Dinsdale, John  1861Yorkshire, England I34650
5 Martha  1861Yorkshire, England I34680
6 Martha  1871Yorkshire, England I34680
7 Purchase, Ann  1891Yorkshire, England I6496
8 Smith, Ann  1851Yorkshire, England I34640
9 Smith, Ann  1851Yorkshire, England I34640
10 Smith, Ann  1851Yorkshire, England I34640
11 Smith, Ann  1861Yorkshire, England I34640
12 Smith, Ann  1861Yorkshire, England I34640
13 Smith, Ann  1861Yorkshire, England I34640
14 Smith, Ann  1871Yorkshire, England I34640
15 Smith, Ann  1871Yorkshire, England I34640
16 Smith, Ann  1871Yorkshire, England I34640
17 Smith, Ann  1901Yorkshire, England I34640
18 Smith, Ann  1901Yorkshire, England I34640
19 Smith, Ann  1901Yorkshire, England I34640
20 Winn, Ann  1861Yorkshire, England I34666
21 Winn, Ann  1871Yorkshire, England I34666
22 Winn, Ann  1891Yorkshire, England I34666
23 Winn, Ann  1901Yorkshire, England I34666
24 Winn, Charles Herbert  1891Yorkshire, England I34582
25 Winn, Eliza  1871Yorkshire, England I34671
26 Winn, Eliza  1891Yorkshire, England I34671
27 Winn, Ellen  1851Yorkshire, England I34670
28 Winn, George  1871Yorkshire, England I34662
29 Winn, George  1891Yorkshire, England I34662
30 Winn, George  1901Yorkshire, England I34662
31 Winn, Lavina  1861Yorkshire, England I34663
32 Winn, Lavina  1871Yorkshire, England I34663
33 Winn, Lilian  1891Yorkshire, England I34641
34 Winn, Lilian  2 Apr 1911Yorkshire, England I34641
35 Winn, Martha Ellen  1851Yorkshire, England I34665
36 Winn, Sarah Elizabeth  1851Yorkshire, England I34664
37 Winn, Sarah Elizabeth  1861Yorkshire, England I34664
38 Winn, Sarah Elizabeth  1871Yorkshire, England I34664
39 Winn, Thomas  1851Yorkshire, England I34639
40 Winn, Thomas  1861Yorkshire, England I34639
41 Winn, Thomas  1871Yorkshire, England I34639


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Drakes / Amyas  1486Yorkshire, England F3326