Pagham, Sussex, England


Latitude: 50.7707, Longitude: -0.745


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amy  1821Pagham, Sussex, England I30252
2 Apps, Frederick  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30309
3 Apps, Gladys  1895Pagham, Sussex, England I30316
4 Apps, John I  1828Pagham, Sussex, England I30303
5 Apps, John II  1869Pagham, Sussex, England I30304
6 Apps, Julia  1857Pagham, Sussex, England I30306
7 Apps, Muriel  1894Pagham, Sussex, England I30315
8 Apps, Walter J.  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I30307
9 Bailey, Annie M.  1879Pagham, Sussex, England I30210
10 Bailey, Charles  1841Pagham, Sussex, England I30208
11 Bailey, Charles Edwin  1 Feb 1876Pagham, Sussex, England I30209
12 Bason, Amy  Abt 1789Pagham, Sussex, England I10325
13 Bate, William F  1884Pagham, Sussex, England I30275
14 Chase, Harriet  1822Pagham, Sussex, England I26989
15 Dyer, Ann  1864Pagham, Sussex, England I30268
16 Etheridge, Alfred G  1854Pagham, Sussex, England I30283
17 Etheridge, Edith A.  1863Pagham, Sussex, England I30281
18 Etheridge, Fanny  1855Pagham, Sussex, England I30285
19 Etheridge, Frederick  1852Pagham, Sussex, England I30280
20 Etheridge, James  1822Pagham, Sussex, England I30279
21 Etheridge, Lucy Ann  1856Pagham, Sussex, England I30282
22 Etheridge, Mary J  1859Pagham, Sussex, England I30284
23 Etheridge, William J.  1860Pagham, Sussex, England I30287
24 Goldring, Agnes  1850Pagham, Sussex, England I30249
25 Goldring, Alfred  1859Pagham, Sussex, England I30254
26 Goldring, Amy  1897Pagham, Sussex, England I30273
27 Goldring, Anne  1849Pagham, Sussex, England I30255
28 Goldring, Annie  1891Pagham, Sussex, England I30270
29 Goldring, Cephas  Between Apr and Jun 1845Pagham, Sussex, England I29469
30 Goldring, Charles  1857Pagham, Sussex, England I26990
31 Goldring, Charlotte  Bef 5 Mar 1810Pagham, Sussex, England I10333
32 Goldring, Edith  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I30278
33 Goldring, Edith  1886Pagham, Sussex, England I30276
34 Goldring, Edmund  1834Pagham, Sussex, England I29687
35 Goldring, Edwin  1855Pagham, Sussex, England I30250
36 Goldring, Eliza  1841Pagham, Sussex, England I29466
37 Goldring, Elizabeth  Bef 16 May 1814Pagham, Sussex, England I10328
38 Goldring, Emily  1857Pagham, Sussex, England I30256
39 Goldring, Emily  1893Pagham, Sussex, England I30271
40 Goldring, Enos  1837Pagham, Sussex, England I29464
41 Goldring, Ernest Alfred  25 Feb 1862Pagham, Sussex, England I30204
42 Goldring, Esther  1853Pagham, Sussex, England I26991
43 Goldring, Esther  1895Pagham, Sussex, England I30272
44 Goldring, Florence  1900Pagham, Sussex, England I30274
45 Goldring, Francis  Bef 19 Nov 1832Pagham, Sussex, England I10335
46 Goldring, Harriet  1848Pagham, Sussex, England I27064
47 Goldring, Henry William  1866Pagham, Sussex, England I30253
48 Goldring, James I  Bef 28 Nov 1811Pagham, Sussex, England I10332
49 Goldring, James II  1835Pagham, Sussex, England I29499
50 Goldring, James  1850Pagham, Sussex, England I27065

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Apps, John I  Between 1881 and 1891Pagham, Sussex, England I30303
2 Apps, Walter J.  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I30307
3 Etheridge, James  Between 1891 and 1901Pagham, Sussex, England I30279
4 Goldring, Edith  1862Pagham, Sussex, England I30278
5 Goldring, James I  1874Pagham, Sussex, England I10332
6 Goldring, Lucy  1860Pagham, Sussex, England I30277
7 Goldring, Martha  Bef 1829Pagham, Sussex, England I10329
8 Goldring, Mary Ann  Abt 1871Pagham, Sussex, England I30388
9 Hart, Ann  2 Jan 1826Pagham, Sussex, England I30345
10 Hart, James II  26 May 1804Pagham, Sussex, England I30344
11 Hart, James I  Bef 1841Pagham, Sussex, England I10324
12 Richardson, Charlotte  1878Pagham, Sussex, England I29699
13 Wheeler, James  Bef Jul 1874Pagham, Sussex, England I30205


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Goldring, Reuben  18 Jun 1906Pagham, Sussex, England I29600


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Carter, Esther  25 Jan 1852Pagham, Sussex, England I30232
2 Goldring, Charlotte  5 Mar 1810Pagham, Sussex, England I10333
3 Goldring, Elizabeth  16 May 1814Pagham, Sussex, England I10328
4 Goldring, Francis  19 Nov 1832Pagham, Sussex, England I10335
5 Goldring, James I  28 Nov 1811Pagham, Sussex, England I10332
6 Goldring, Martha  24 Oct 1821Pagham, Sussex, England I10329
7 Goldring, Miriam  24 Oct 1821Pagham, Sussex, England I10327
8 Goldring, Reuben I  8 Jun 1819Pagham, Sussex, England I10334
9 Goldring, Thomas  22 Mar 1825Pagham, Sussex, England I10331
10 Goldring, William I  25 Jan 1817Pagham, Sussex, England I10330

Legal Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Legal Record    Person ID 
1 Goldring, Henry  24 Sep 1827Pagham, Sussex, England I10252
2 Goldring, James  24 Sep 1827Pagham, Sussex, England I10238


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Apps, Frederick  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I30305
2 Apps, Frederick  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30309
3 Apps, Frederick  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30305
4 Apps, John II  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I30304
5 Apps, John I  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I30303
6 Apps, John II  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30304
7 Apps, John I  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30303
8 Apps, Julia  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I30306
9 Bailey, Annie M.  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30210
10 Bailey, Charles  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30208
11 Bailey, Charles Edwin  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30209
12 Bason, Amy  1851Pagham, Sussex, England I10325
13 Bason, Amy  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I10325
14 Chase, Harriet  1851Pagham, Sussex, England I26989
15 Chase, Harriet  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I26989
16 Chase, Harriet  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I26989
17 Etheridge, Alfred G  1871Pagham, Sussex, England I30283
18 Etheridge, Edith A.  1871Pagham, Sussex, England I30281
19 Etheridge, Edith A.  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30281
20 Etheridge, Frederick  1871Pagham, Sussex, England I30280
21 Etheridge, Frederick  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30280
22 Etheridge, Helen Elizabeth  1851Pagham, Sussex, England I30286
23 Etheridge, James  1851Pagham, Sussex, England I30279
24 Etheridge, James  1871Pagham, Sussex, England I30279
25 Etheridge, James  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30279
26 Etheridge, Lucy Ann  1871Pagham, Sussex, England I30282
27 Etheridge, Mary J  1871Pagham, Sussex, England I30284
28 Faith, Maria  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30308
29 Goldring, Agnes  1851Pagham, Sussex, England I30249
30 Goldring, Agnes  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I30249
31 Goldring, Cephas  1851Pagham, Sussex, England I29469
32 Goldring, Cephas  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I29469
33 Goldring, Charles  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I26990
34 Goldring, Charles  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I26990
35 Goldring, Edmund  1841Pagham, Sussex, England I29687
36 Goldring, Edmund I  1841Pagham, Sussex, England I10249
37 Goldring, Edmund  1851Pagham, Sussex, England I29687
38 Goldring, Edmund I  1851Pagham, Sussex, England I10249
39 Goldring, Edwin  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I30250
40 Goldring, Eliza  1841Pagham, Sussex, England I29466
41 Goldring, Eliza  1851Pagham, Sussex, England I29466
42 Goldring, Eliza  1871Pagham, Sussex, England I29466
43 Goldring, Eliza  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I29466
44 Goldring, Eliza  2 Apr 1911Pagham, Sussex, England I29466
45 Goldring, Enos  1841Pagham, Sussex, England I29464
46 Goldring, Enos  1851Pagham, Sussex, England I29464
47 Goldring, Ernest Alfred  1871Pagham, Sussex, England I30204
48 Goldring, Ernest Alfred  1881Pagham, Sussex, England I30204
49 Goldring, Ernest J  2 Apr 1911Pagham, Sussex, England I30212
50 Goldring, Esther  1861Pagham, Sussex, England I26991

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cole / Hart  30 May 1847Pagham, Sussex, England F10426
2 Goldring / Carter  11 Sep 1875Pagham, Sussex, England F10225
3 Goldring / Richardson  7 Sep 1833Pagham, Sussex, England F3738
4 Hart / Goldring  8 Oct 1800Pagham, Sussex, England F3734
5 Howard / Hart  20 Jul 1834Pagham, Sussex, England F10425
6 Wheeler / Goldring  1866Pagham, Sussex, England F10152