Westhampnett, Sussex, England


Latitude: 50.8488, Longitude: -0.747


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Apps, Frederick  Between Jan and Mar 1853Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30305
2 Etheridge, Helen Elizabeth  Between Apr and Jun 1850Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30286
3 Goldring, Edith  1877Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30233
4 Goldring, Frederick Charles  1878Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30234
5 Goldring, Lucy Kathleen  Between Jan and Mar 1896Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30266
6 Goldring, William  1880Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30235
7 Mant, Edward James  Between Jul and Sep 1850Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30310
8 Mant, Elinor Julia  Between Apr and Jun 1882Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30312


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Apps, Frederick  1897Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30305
2 Bason, Amy  Dec 1862Westhampnett, Sussex, England I10325
3 Chase, Harriet  Mar 1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I26989
4 Goldring, Edmund I  Dec 1857Westhampnett, Sussex, England I10249
5 Goldring, Eliza  Dec 1930Westhampnett, Sussex, England I29466
6 Goldring, Lucy  Between Jan and Mar 1865Westhampnett, Sussex, England I10323
7 Gumbrell, Alfred  Between Oct and Dec 1876Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30320
8 Gumbrell, Elizabeth  Between Apr and Jun 1879Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30323
9 Gumbrell, Richard  Between Apr and Jun 1894Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30324


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Amy  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30252
2 Amy  1881Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30252
3 Apps, Frederick  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30309
4 Apps, Frederick  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30305
5 Apps, John II  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30304
6 Apps, Julia  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30306
7 Bate, William F  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30275
8 Dyer, Ann  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30268
9 Dyer, Ann  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30268
10 Etheridge, Alfred G  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30283
11 Etheridge, Fanny  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30285
12 Etheridge, Frederick  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30280
13 Etheridge, Helen Elizabeth  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30286
14 Etheridge, James  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30279
15 Etheridge, Lucy Ann  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30282
16 Etheridge, Mary J  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30284
17 Etheridge, William J.  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30287
18 Faith, Maria  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30308
19 Goldring, Alfred  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30254
20 Goldring, Amy  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30273
21 Goldring, Anne  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30255
22 Goldring, Annie  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30270
23 Goldring, Annie  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30270
24 Goldring, Charles  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I26990
25 Goldring, Charles  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I26990
26 Goldring, Edith  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30276
27 Goldring, Emily  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30256
28 Goldring, Emily  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30271
29 Goldring, Esther  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30272
30 Goldring, Florence  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30274
31 Goldring, Grace  1881Westhampnett, Sussex, England I10290
32 Goldring, Henry William  1881Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30253
33 Goldring, Joseph  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30257
34 Goldring, Lizzie  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30269
35 Goldring, Lizzie  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30269
36 Goldring, Lucy Kathleen  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30266
37 Goldring, Martha  1891Westhampnett, Sussex, England I27063
38 Goldring, Miriam  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I10327
39 Goldring, Olive Margaret  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30263
40 Goldring, Reuben  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30259
41 Goldring, Reuben II  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I26992
42 Goldring, Reuben G.  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30265
43 Goldring, Rosa Helen  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30264
44 Goldring, Thomas  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30258
45 Goldring, William II  1861Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30260
46 Green, Ellen Goldring  1881Westhampnett, Sussex, England I10292
47 Green, Sarah Jane  1901Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30262
48 Green, William  1881Westhampnett, Sussex, England I10291
49 Gumbrell, Amy  1881Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30321
50 Gumbrell, Arthur  1881Westhampnett, Sussex, England I30322

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Apps / Faith  Between Oct and Dec 1879Westhampnett, Sussex, England F10420
2 Apps / Goldring  Between Jul and Sep 1852Westhampnett, Sussex, England F9363
3 Apps / Hollist  Between Apr and Jun 1892Westhampnett, Sussex, England F10419
4 Bailey / Goldring  Between Jul and Sep 1874Westhampnett, Sussex, England F10153
5 Bartholomew / Goldring  Between Jan and Mar 1868Westhampnett, Sussex, England F10154
6 Daniels / Goldring  Between Oct and Dec 1913Westhampnett, Sussex, England F10415
7 Etheridge / Goldring  Between Jul and Sep 1849Westhampnett, Sussex, England F3735
8 Goldring / Chase  Jun 1845Westhampnett, Sussex, England F3740
9 Goldring / Pile  Between Oct and Dec 1886Westhampnett, Sussex, England F10410
10 Goldring / Shrubb  1873Westhampnett, Sussex, England F10414
11 Goldring / Waller  Westhampnett, Sussex, England F10411
12 Gumbrell / Leggett  Between Oct and Dec 1876Westhampnett, Sussex, England F10423
13 Mant / Apps  Between Jul and Sep 1879Westhampnett, Sussex, England F10421
14 Wingate / Goldring  Between Oct and Dec 1873Westhampnett, Sussex, England F9321