Peirce-Spencer Lot, East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island, USA

Latitude: 41.642396, Longitude: -71.467883
Peirce-Spencer Lot

On Eugene Street. Also known as: Rhode Island Hist. Cemetery East Greenwich #71
Rhode Island Historical Cemetery #71 is a most secluded cemetery, neglected and overgrown. However, it still makes for an interesting geocache area. Previously, to get to the cemetery, one had to cut through heavy brush. Recently, much of the brush has now been cleared, resulting in a mostly open path to the cache. You'll know you've entered the premises once you've crossed a rickety metal fence. The cemetery itself is actually nice, with a babbling stream (in the wetter months) on one side, and a carpet of perhaps wild violets. Unfortunately, you have to watch out for poison ivy and thorns. Two families have graves in the cemetery, both of which have streets named after them in the East Greenwich area. These families are the Spencers and the Pierces.

The cache is just inside the cemetery, and is in a green key ring pill box. Some fence climbing may be needed to get the cache. It is recommended that you wear long pants if you're going to try to find the cache, even though most of the brush has been cleared, and it's not recommended for night. Best access to the geocache is on Eugene Street. Also, the stream bed next to the cemetery commonly dries up every summer, providing an alternate route to the GZ, other than through the former brush.

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Wickes, Oliver Grave Stone
Wickes, Oliver Grave Stone